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Zupapa Trampoline Review

While the name "Zupapa" might not be familiar, the trampoline brand is rapidly growing in popularity. Zupapa trampolines are relatively new compared to established alternatives, but that doesn't mean that their models are of any lesser quality. In fact, these trampolines rival some of the top brands in the industry when it comes to durability and safety.

The company's most popular model is built for outdoor fun. Available in 3 different size configurations, families can choose the perfect unit for their space. Regardless of which size is chosen, families can rest assured that they're getting great value. The new brand boasts robust materials and tough construction methods that make their trampolines safe and long-lasting.



The Zupapa trampoline is available in either 12, 14, or 15-foot diameters. Each trampoline is built with tough galvanized steel poles. These poles, while relatively light, are built to last. They are 1.5 millimeters thick and have a diameter of 42 millimeters. Resistant to rust, the frame can withstand many years of exposure and use. Even the ladder is made from galvanized steel for added durability.

An enclosure system is also included. It's higher than most enclosures on the market and utilizes steel rods attached to the frame. These rods are covered in thick padding to prevent injuries and have two points of contact with the frame to make the entire unit extra stable. 

A zippered opening is built into the safety net for entry. To keep the trampoline safe from the sun, the polypropylene jumping mat and net are coated for UV-protection. 20-millimeter thick PVC foam is used to cover any potentially dangerous parts of the trampoline, such as the steel frame poles. It's also used in the perimeter padding that covers the 108 galvanized steel springs.


  • Available in 12, 14, or 15-foot diameters

  • Up to 375-pound capacity

  • Thick galvanized steel frame

  • 72-inch high enclosure system

  • Extra-high support poles with two contact joints

  • UV-protected mesh safety net, jumping surface, and padding

  • 108 galvanized steel springs that measure 7 inches in length for extra bounce

  • Included ladder, weather cover, and T-hook

  • TÜV certified



Zupapa trampolines are all-inclusive bundles. This means that they come with everything a family needs to set up a backyard play area. The trampoline itself comes packaged with a large enclosure net to keep jumpers safe, an attachable ladder to make getting into the enclosure a cinch, a rain cover to protect the jumping mat from the elements, and much more. There's no need to go out and buy these extra accessories. They're included in the already affordable price tag. While it's certainly not the cheapest option on the market, the trampoline bundle has an incredible value that can't go unnoticed.

Another big advantage is the safety and peace of mind this trampoline offers. With the high-quality materials used, this trampoline is stable and secure. The unique construction method that uses two contact points for the support pole improves the overall integrity of the unit. Unlike substandard trampolines out there, there's no worry about twisting, even if the jumper is performing complex acrobatics. 

The larger 15-foot trampoline has a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds thanks to unique construction method. Multiple people can use it at one time without any problems. When used in combination with the included safety enclosure, the trampoline is very safe for both children and adults to use.



Despite all of its great qualities, previous buyers of Zupapa trampolines have experienced some issues worth noting. One of the biggest complaints is that the trampoline can be a bit difficult to assemble. It does contain a number of different parts. It's packaged in three separate boxes for shipment. It can take a while to sort through the various components. While it does include a detailed set of instructions, some buyers that aren't used to assembling larger products may have an issue.

Another problem that some buyers experience is quicker degradation of smaller components compared to the unit as a whole. The entire frame is built out of high-quality galvanized steel. However, certain smaller bolts and screws aren't as tough. They can loosen over time, so it's important to be wary and tighten them regularly. Some buyers have opted to switch out the included components with tougher alternatives to eliminate this problem.


Why Buy?

The buyer that would benefit the most from a Zupapa trampoline is a family that likes to jump together. Most trampolines don't have the strength and weight capacity to accommodate multiple people on at one time. However, the high capacity of 375 pounds allows multiple kids and even adults to get in on the fun.

It's also great for the athletically-inclined. The robust build and numerous safety features allow gymnasts and acrobats to train without any problems. It's a cheaper alternative to professional trampolines while still providing great features. Overall, the brand is known for having high standards when it comes to build and safety. Families looking for an option that will keep jumpers safe for years should consider Zupapa.


Why Not Buy?

It may not be the best option for those that aren't the best in assembling. Sure, buyers can always hire someone to put the unit together. However, the minor issues of regular maintenance may be a dealbreaker. Owners need to examine the frame and components on a regular basis. Bolts and screws should be tightened to retain the strength and integrity of the trampoline. Families that don't want to put that time into maintenance should probably go for a different trampoline.



When it comes to safety, Zupapa spared no expense. They took a number of safety precautions when designing the trampoline to ensure that it's safe for any jumper. This includes the durable frame and enclosure system. The enclosure system is 72 inches high, which is higher than standard trampolines. It's nearly impossible for even an adult to go over.

The enclosure attaches to the frame at two separate points. These two joints make the entire unit more stable in harsh winds. It also helps prevent structural twisting that often occurs with regular use. This twisting degrades the quality of the steel tubes over time, leading to breakage. With this trampoline, that's not a concern.

The trampolines are TÜV certified for safety. This means that the trampoline was independently inspected by a trusted German company. The company ensures that products are safe for people to use. The inspection company is highly respected, so buyers can rest assured that they are getting a great product with that stamp of approval.


About Zupapa

Zupapa is a newcomer in the trampoline industry. Not much is known about them other than the fact that they offer great packages for the price. Most of their trampoline packages include all the necessary accessories that families would need to fully enjoy the unit. The fact that they include the extras at no additional cost has made them very popular. Buyers can expect to get incredible value for a moderate cost. Overall, the brand offers a great balance between quality and price that most competitors can't match.