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Similar to their rectangular counterpart, these trampolines tend to be larger and provide more rebound. However, because all sides are equal, they tend to be a bit safer than large rectangle units. Essentially, the square units are a combination of round and rectangular trampolines. They're a great option if you're limited on space because their uniform shape makes it easy to fit into small areas

Best Square Trampoline

The 13-foot Jumbo Square Trampoline from Springfree is the best square trampoline on the market today. While it is on the upper end of the price spectrum, this trampoline is regarded as the safest model in the industry. Unlike standard trampolines that rely on thick metal springs for the rebound, Springfree trampolines use a unique rod-based system. The composite rods provide the same effect as springs without the hazards. 

When it comes to safety, nothing beats Springfree. In addition to zero springs, the rod system is located underneath the jumping surface on the galvanized steel frame. This means that there's increased jumping surface area. All 13 by 13 feet can be used for jumping. The trampoline has a hefty weight capacity of 330 pounds to accommodate the entire family. A flexible enclosure system will keep jumpers contained entirely. Should they miss the mark and fly towards the age, the net will catch them and send them towards the center.

Not only does the trampoline come with an enclosure net, but also a basketball hoop and ladder. These accessories add more fun and function to an already great unit.

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