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SpringFree is a leading manufacturer of trampolines that uses different technology than standard models. Their 11-foot model is compact enough to fit into small spaces, yet has an increased jumping surface area. In fact, the surface area is more than a round trampoline with the same width. A 250-pound rating makes it accessible by everyone in the family.

The trampoline uses a unique rod system that acts similarly to springs. However, these rods are located underneath the mat. They are made from composite material and flex outward. There's no risk of pinched toes and fingers, resulting in a completely safe jumping surface.

For added safety, the frame is also located underneath the mat. This helps avoid painful falls that could result in injury. The frame is made from galvanized steel. It's double powder coated, allowing it to stay outdoors all year long. For further weather resistance, the mat, rods, and net are all treated to prevent UV damage.

The trampoline also comes with accessories. It has a basketball hoop and stepladder. The ladder can swing up and lock to prevent unsupervised bouncing.

In addition to the unique rod system, the trampoline comes with an innovative enclosure system. Both the supports and the net itself attach to the jumping mat for a gapless protection system. The rods flex and move along with the impact, making it capable of catching falling jumpers with ease.

The only main disadvantage of the trampoline is the price. It can cost upwards of 5 times more than a traditional spring model. The high price is attributed to the materials and rod system. However, the high price tag is worth the safety for many.


    • Measures 11x11 feet
    • 250-pound capacity
    • Strong galvanized frame
    • Utilizes flexible rods
    • Treated materials for longevity
    • Included enclosure net, basketball hoop, and stepladder


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