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SpringFree trampolines are known for their innovative technology and safe products. This 10-foot trampoline contains breakthrough features. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds and utilizes a safer way to achieve high bounces.

Instead of standard springs, these trampolines use composite rods located beneath the jumping surface. With each impact, they flex and react in a similar way to springs. However, because they're located beneath the surface, there's no worry about pinched fingers and harm.

The rods sit on top of a powder-coated galvanized steel frame that doesn't rust or buckle with proper use. Every component, from the springy rods to the included enclosure net, is treated for UV protection against the sun.

The trampoline includes a variety of useful accessories. The flexible enclosure surrounds the jumper and reacts to the force of impact, ensuring that it stays put. An attachable basketball hoop adds a new dimension of fun to the trampoline while the ladder makes exit and entry a cinch.

The lack of springs makes this trampoline one of the safest options in the world. Parents praise the unique design that allows children to jump freely and safely. Even the enclosure net is reimagined with the flexible rod technology to improve its efficiency.

A big drawback to the SpringFree trampoline is the price. Because of the unique design, the unit costs much more than traditional round alternatives. Some have also found that assembly is troublesome and somewhat painful due to the rod system being so difficult to handle.


    • 10 feet across
    • 250-pound capacity
    • Zero Springs
    • Flexible rod technology
    • Flexible enclosure system
    • Included hoop and ladder
    • Treated materials
    • Weather resistant treatment


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