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This Skywalker rectangular trampoline is versatile, safe, and affordable. With a size of 15 feet by 9 feet, there's ample room for gymnastic tumbling or fun family bouncing. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

The frame is made from 12-guage galvanized steel. Each leg uses a rust-resistant T-Socket. This socket stabilizes the frame and prevents the twisting that is commonly associated with poorly-made trampolines. Families can use the trampoline for years without loosing structural integrity.

76 springs are located throughout the perimeter of the frame and provide varying degrees of stress with every jump. This allows jumpers to achieve greater heights and more control. They are covered by thick, UV-resistant padding for safety.

It includes a superior enclosure net. 8 padded poles surround the entire jumping surface. The polyethylene net is secured at the bottom to every spring to protect from falls

The biggest advantage of this trampoline is the construction and materials. While this trampoline is quite affordable, Skywalker didn't skimp on quality. The thick steel frame and T-sockets will ensure that the unit lasts for quite some time. The treatments on the materials also add durability. It can withstand tough rainstorms and hot summers all the same.

One of the most common headaches associated with this trampoline is assembly. Because of its massive size, it can be cumbersome to put together. Furthermore, the long springs are prone to weakening if constantly used up to the weight limit. With a 250 pound capacity, multiple adults may see spring quality deteriorate over time.

Skywalker 15-Foot Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure

    • 15x9 Feet
    • 250 pound capacity
    • Large jumping surface
    • Thick galvanized steel frame
    • T-Socket support
    • UV-protected mat and pads
    • High bounce
    • Included enclosure net


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