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This brightly colored trampoline is 4-feet across, providing sufficient room for a growing kid weighing up to 100 pounds. It uses elastic stretch bands rather than springs as well as a host of other great safety features.

The enclosure system is completely encompassing. It even covers the area below the jumping surface. Padded supports extend high above the jumper. It's also gapless, containing only a zippered entry point.
Inside, the trampoline features a circle handlebar that provides 360 degrees of support for kids to retain their balance.

The amount of safety this trampoline offers is superb. The heavy padding throughout the unit, a high enclosure system, and a 360-degree stability bar ensure kids are as safe as can be.

Many buyers experience issues with assembly. While it may look simple, the trampoline actually contains numerous parts. Furthermore, the complex design makes it difficult to store away and transport.



    • 4-feet across
    • 100-pound capacity
    • High enclosure net
    • Heavy padding
    • 360-degree handle bar
    • Zippered entry


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