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From Skywalker trampolines is this superbly built 14-foot model. It is made with the same precision and materials as other high-quality Skywalker models. It also has ample safety features that let parents rest assured that their child is safe. A high weight capacity of 250 pounds allows multiple kids to enjoy the fun.

Skywalker spares no expense to ensure that their trampolines are stable and long-lasting. The frame is made from thick galvanized steel and uses a tough T-socket system for assembly. This socket is located at every joint and is used to attach the enclosure supports. The inclusion of the socket prevents the frame from warping over time.

Rust-resistant springs are used to support the jumping mat. There is 96 springs total. Each spring connection also acts as a net attachment as well. This creates a gap-free enclosure net that prevents falling jumpers from slipping through the bottom.

The trampoline is designed with safety and durability in mind. It all starts with the stable frame that is made to withstand years of use. Additionally, heavy padding to cover the springs and the enclosure supports are used. All of these safety features allowed the model to meet or pass all ASTM standards.

One common complaint from buyers is that the trampoline doesn't achieve a great bounce. While it may have better bounce than a round trampoline, the configuration of springs provides less control. Jumpers will have to plan their bounces accordingly to get a great rebound.


    • Measures 14x14 feet
    • 250-pound capacity
    • Galvanized steel frame with T-sockets
    • Gap-free enclosure
    • Heavy padding
    • Meets ASTM safety standards


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