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Families wanting a strong and versatile trampoline can benefit from the 13-foot model from Skywalker. It's strategically designed for strength and performance, allowing jumpers to achieve better bounce than other models. It has a weight limit rating of 250, allowing both kids and adults to use it.

Like other Skywalker trampolines, this model utilizes galvanized steel throughout. The frame is 2.4 inches thick and uses 10 gauge steel while the legs are a bit thicker for stability. They measure 3 inches thick and use 16 gauge steel. T-sockets are used to connect all of the parts and create powerful joints.

72 springs are used along the perimeter. The springs are 7 inches long, which is more than traditional models to improve support and rebound. In addition to the 72 springs, 12 gold-plated are added throughout. These springs are 1-inch thick and add more bounce.

The springs attach to the same point as the safety enclosure, creating a gapless protection system. They are also attached to padded and curved supports that rise high above the jumping surface. The net is easy to attach, eliminating the process of looping and tying commonly associated with nets.

An advantage of this model is the increased jumping surface area. It has a considerably larger mat than circular trampolines, even those that are wider across. However, the increased surface area doesn't sacrifice performance, construction, or safety.

One minor issue experienced by buyers is the long and complicated assembly. Because the materials are high-quality, they are heavy to move. This requires multiple people for assembly. Coupled with rather complicated instructions, the assembly can be a headache.



    • Measures 13x13 feet
    • 250-pound capacity
    • Galvanized steel frame and legs
    • 7-inch springs
    • Addition of 12 gold-colored springs for more bounce
    • Included enclosure system


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