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Those looking for a smaller trampoline packed with safety features can benefit from this option from Skywalker. It measures 12 feet across and has a weight limit of 200 pounds, making it great for kids. Despite it's smaller size, the trampoline has a slew of great safety features that make it a worthy investment.

Skywalker utilized a frame that's built to last. It's made of thick galvanized steel and uses 6 legs around the perimeter to ensure stability. The attachable safety enclosure is secured to the frame via T-sockets to avoid warping.

The enclosure supports are fairly high up and curve towards the top. They're padded for safety and secure the net fairly easily without constant threading of rope. The net itself is made of polyethylene that is tightly woven and UV protected.

72 springs around the perimeter of the jumping surface provide a great bounce. They measure 5 and a half inches long and are made from thick steel.

This option is great for kids. The smaller footprint allows for better control while the abundance of safety precautions make it safe to use. Not only that, but Skywalker also offers the trampoline in 5 different color schemes for complete customization.

The trampoline has a weight limit of 200 pounds, which doesn't provide much wiggle room for multiple people. Buyers have also experienced issues with the springs weakening and sagging if used towards the upper end of the weight limit.



    • 12 Feet Across
    • 200-Pound Capacity
    • Durable steel frame
    • High-quality Safety Enclosure
    • Weather-protected materials
    • Ample safety padding


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