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From Skywalker comes this highly respected round trampoline. It is praised for its design and ample safety features. It measures 15 feet across, providing a large surface area for jumping. When fully assembled with the included enclosure, it measures roughly 9 and a half feet tall.

A thick galvanized steel is used on the frame for stability. It also utilizes tough T-sockets around the perimeter to establish a strong hold on the enclosure rods and prevent unwanted twisting. In total, 6 W-shaped legs are used to maintain the unit's structural integrity.

When it comes to safety, this trampoline has all of the bases covered. The safety enclosure attaches to the mat on the bottom and to various rods throughout for complete protection. Thick spring padding is also used to cushion any surprise landings.

Skywalker is known for making trampolines that last, and this model is no different. The sheer strength of the materials alone make it durable against prolonged use throughout the year. All of the materials are coated for protection. They prevent rust, UV, weather, and UV damage.

The biggest disadvantage is assembly. Many buyers have a tough time putting the unit together due to somewhat complicated instructions. The trampoline comes in multiple boxes with an abundance of parts and instructions that don't have illustrations, which proves to be a headache for most.



    • 9 Feet Across
    • 200-Pound Capacity
    • Galvanized steel frame
    • T-socket stability
    • UV and weather protected parts
    • Gap-free enclosure system
    • Available in multiple colors


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