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A trampoline made for energetic kids, this model from Little Tikes is made from high-quality materials that can withstand rigorous jumping. It's hexagonal in shape and measures 7 feet in width. Its weight limit is 100 pounds.

The frame is made of a combination of molded plastic and heavy steel. The resilient mat is suspended by springs, which are covered with thick padding for safety. Arched enclosure supports surround the mat and are made from steel, but protection is provided by foam shield. There's a zipper for entry and mesh pockets to store shoes.

The unit is designed to be sturdy and stable. Because it uses springs, children can get more rambunctious than they would with indoor models without having to worry about tipping the unit over.

A common complaint with the trampoline is that it doesn't handle the weather well. Many buyers have experienced deteriorating quality on the net and pads because of exposure.


    • 7 feet across
    • 100-pound capacity
    • Durable metal and plastic frame
    • Arched enclosure system
    • Mesh shoe pockets
    • Thick padding throughout


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