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From Little Tikes is this 3-foot mini indoor trampoline. Perfect for toddlers, it is a safe way to learn ­coordination and get exercise indoors. It has a weight capacity of 55 pounds.

The small unit is made from a combination of plastic and metal. The metal provides stability in the frame while remaining light enough to move at a moment's notice.

It includes a safety handle so that kids can remain balanced as they jump. It's at a comfortable height and reaches across the entire unit. For protection, the handle is covered in foam padding.

The trampoline has no springs at all, instead using flexible fabric for the bounce. This eliminates the risk of injury associated with metal springs.

Some parents have noted that the foam located on the arm support easily deteriorates. Children can easily pick or chew off the foam, so it's encouraged to keep a watchful eye.


    • 3 feet across
    • 55-pound capacity
    • High-quality materials
    • Superb padding
    • Handlebar for support
    • No springs


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