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With a durable metal frame, this trampoline from Kangaroo can be used for hours on end. It measures 3 feet across and has a weight capacity of up to 120 pounds. It is spring-free, relying instead on elastic bands for safety.

The frame is made from durable painted metal. 6 feet are used to provide a stability. They also have rubber ends to protect hardwood floors. Thick padding covers the elastic bands for safety while foam covers the included handlebar.

In terms of design, this trampoline is very simple. However, it is designed with safety in mind. It includes ample protection from falls and bumps. The design passed all U.S. safety tests for peace of mind.

One issue buyers have discovered is the uneven distribution of weight. The stability bar is placed on one side, which creates an imbalance if the child jumps too hard while holding onto it. This can tip the unit over


    • 3 feet across
    • 120-pound capacity
    • Durable metal frame
    • Elastic bands provide rebound
    • Padded handlebar
    • Perimeter padding


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