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Those looking for a long and narrow rectangular trampoline should consider the JumpSport StagedBounce. It measured 10 feet by 17 feet, making it a perfect fit for side yards. The length provides adequate room for athletic or recreational jumping with participants up to 225 pounds.

The unique thing about this trampoline is the StagedBounce technology. It allows 50% of the springs to engage right when a jumper makes contact. The remaining 50% activates a fraction of a second later. This takes a lot of strain off the knees when landing.

It incorporates incredibly strong cold-rolled steel throughout the frame. It measures 1.8 inches in diameter. This makes the frame durable and stable. A jet-black coat finish protects the frame from the elements. Closed-foam EPE foam is used on the extra thick spring pads.

The enclosure is made of vinyl-covered steel rods that flex with every impact. A securing strap on the top of the poles ensures that the net doesn't collapse.

The biggest advantage of this trampoline is the StagedBounce technology. While it may not seem like a huge deal at first, this action will ensure that jumpers don't experience lasting injuries over time. The extra thick padding will also help avoid harm. Additionally, the hardy steel frame and corner leg design ensure lasting use for many years.

The most noticeable con is the price. This rectangular trampoline has a hefty price tag. It's more suited for serious enthusiasts or professionals. Another problem faced by some buyers is the quality of the safety net. While other parts are high quality, the plastics on the enclosure support may deteriorate. The net is also loose on the bottom, creating a gap.

JumpSport StagedBounce Trampoline

    • 10x17 feet
    • 225 pound capacity
    • Cold-rolled steel frame
    • Coated for durability
    • StagedBounce technology
    • Included safety enclosure
    • Thick and wide spring padding


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