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This rectangular trampoline is designed to accommodate jumpers that are a bit more experienced. It allows adult jumpers to achieve a higher bounce without sacrificing safety. JumpSport, the manufacturer, developed unique Variable Bounce technology that allows jumpers to adjust the amount of rebound it provides based on the person's age and weight. This is great for adults wanting something a bit more challenging than a standard model.

The heavy duty rectangular trampoline has a frame made of galvanized steel tubes that measure 2 inches in diameter. This helps it achieve a maximum individual weight capacity of 350 pounds. The springs use a unique Extra Stretch technology for longevity and better bounce. They measure 10 inches long and can be adjusted to manipulate shock absorption and rebound.

In terms of safety, the included enclosure net is designed for adults and experienced bouncers. It's considerably taller than standard enclosure systems to ensure that jumpers taking advantage of the incredibly rebound are protected. Of course, the enclosure supports are padded for safety. There's also durable spring cover pads to protect bouncers from falls.

AlleyOop PowerBounce Rectangular Trampoline

    • 10x17 feet in size
    • 350-pound weight capacity, 800 pounds total
    • Galvanized steel tube frame
    • 10-inch springs with Variable Bounce technology
    • Extra tall enclosure system
    • Enclosure support and spring pads included



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