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With a width of 55-inches, this trampoline provides enough room for little jumpers to enjoy. It can hold up to 60 pounds and contains a variety of safety features.

The lightweight steel frame supports the jumping mat and extends far up to provide complete protection. The mat is suspended via bungee cord for safe and spring-free bouncing. Heavy padding covers the enclosure supports.

The enclosure net is fairly easy to assemble and fully encompasses the child, even with high jumps. There's no gap to fall through. A small zippered entrance is also built in for easy access.

The design incorporates heavy padding everywhere the child turns. This helps to avoid injuries from falls and bumps. In fact, the model was independently tested for safety and meets all ASTM standards.

It should be noted that some buyers have experienced issues with the frame and supports breaking after some use. While it is made from steel, it's not nearly thick enough for rigorous use.


    • 55-inches across
    • 60-pound weight capacity
    • Padded supports and frame
    • High enclosure net
    • Zippered entrance


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