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Despite their young and vivacious reputation, trampolines can be enjoyed by jumpers of all ages. While many manufacturers market solely towards younger kids, there are a number of great options for adult enthusiasts. The best trampoline for adults will be just as fun to use as standard models. However, these units are designed with heavier jumpers in mind. They allow adults to experience the same enjoyment and health benefits without the worry of damage. With that being said, trampolines aren't typically labeled for age. With an abundance of options on the market, it's important to know what to look for when searching for the best heavy duty trampoline for sale.


How to Choose the Best Heavy Duty Trampoline for Adults

First things first, you need to consider size requirements. When most people think of adult trampolines, a small rebounder comes to mind. While these are great to use for fitness, they don't offer the same amount of flexibility as a large outdoor model. Backyard trampolines can be used a number of different ways, including recreation, training, and exercise. Furthermore, larger trampolines provide more than enough room for the entire family to enjoy.

Typically, adults should get a trampoline that's large and spacious. For round models, go with a unit that's at least 10 feet in diameter or more. Larger trampolines provide ample jumping space and utilize more springs, resulting in a higher weight capacity. Of course, ensure that you have room in the backyard for whatever size you go with. Make sure that the area is clear of overhead branches and debris that may cause harm.

When on the hunt for an adult trampoline, you should always consider the core design of the unit. The most common type of trampoline available is in a circular design. These are typically easier to produce, resulting in a lower price tag. They're also much safer to use due to the distribution of tension throughout the jumping mat. Unfortunately, they aren't the best in terms of durability and weight capacity.

A heavy duty rectangular trampoline is often a better option for adults. These trampolines are made for athletes and have to withstand regular training and complex acrobatics. Regardless of the manufacturer, rectangular trampolines are built to be more stable and have higher weight capacities of up to 450 pounds or more. Other design options include square or octagonal trampolines.

With any trampoline, build quality should be a big concern. This is especially true for adult units. Frames need to be built with high-quality materials to ensure that the unit can handle heavier jumpers. The overall quality of the frame will determine the unit's longevity over time. Galvanized steel is a common material that's resilient against the elements and very stable. Beyond that, you should look for tough brackets, solid weld joints, and smart design. 

Everything should be built to make the unit as tough and accommodating as possible. Many manufacturers use clever design tricks to make the unit more solid. For example, the placement of the legs and how many contact points it has to the ground can make it more anchored and stable. Even the placement of the springs can have an effect. Some manufacturers use a double-spring arrangement to increase weight capacity while others utilize other methods of rebound entirely. Either way, pay attention to how the trampoline is built and go with an option that's solid, long-lasting, and capable of handling adult jumpers.

While you may be an adult, that doesn't make you impervious to injuries. Adults can experience the same types of injuries as a child, so it's important to invest in some quality accessories to make the unit safe for any jumper. This includes a safety enclosure and padding. You'll find that almost every heavy duty trampoline for sale will come with these accessories. However, it's important to consider who will be jumping. Make sure that the enclosure is high enough to keep even tall adults safe from falling.

Additional accessories can make using the unit more convenient. Ladders will make access a cinch while covers and protectors will keep the trampoline safe from the elements in the off-season. To add some more fun, there are also a number of attachments available. For example, basketball hoops add a new level of competition to any trampoline. Whatever accessory you decide to get, just make sure that it's tall and stable enough to keep adult jumpers safe.


What Sets a High Weight Capacity Trampoline Apart from its Competitors?

When it comes down to it, the quality of the materials and construction is what sets an adult trampoline apart from standard units on the market. You can usually see and feel the difference immediately. Normal trampolines can be flimsy and light. While this may be beneficial for kids, you'll soon find that it can't handle the weight of an adult and will most likely deteriorate over time.

Heavy duty options are solid from the ground up. The robust frame will stay put no matter who's jumping on the surface. It's a solid foundation that won't twist or bend with time. You can expect these units to stay standing for decades of enjoyment.