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I'm Glen Wester and consider myself somewhat of a trampoline aficionado. I spent most of my childhood bouncing on my family's backyard trampoline. My fondest memories were spent there with my family. Now that I'm in my 40s and have three girls of my own, I wanted to provide that same experience for my family.

We live in an age of advanced technology and constant information at our fingertips, but it causes us to miss out on the simpler things. My family and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina and have an ample amount of property. This gives us plenty of room for outdoor activities. However, this outdoor space wasn't being taken advantage of. That's when my wife and I knew we wanted to invest in a trampoline that could bring us all together.

Unfortunately, finding information on a trampoline is easier said than done. While I already knew a lot about trampolines, I still wanted to understand the specifics of particular brands. Facts and product information are hard to find, making the selection process a huge pain. I had to perform my own research to find a high-quality unit that worked for our needs. That's when I decided to make this website. With my previous experience and enthusiasm for trampolines, I figured my knowledge could help others make a good selection for their family. Instead of rifling through pages and pages of useless information, come here to get all the facts you need as well as honest in-depth reviews.

I've done the research and spent countless hours combing through product specifications to bring you the best options out there. My knowledge of trampolines can also help you get a better understanding of what trampolines have to offer and how to keep your family safe. Whether you're new to the world of trampolines and need a comprehensive guide or are looking for information on a specific brand, you'll find it here.

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